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Omysky Rose Toy - The Beginner's Guide

OMYSKY Rose Toy is a toy that looks like a rose. Although she looks like a rose, she can give you the ultimate sexual experience and will discover a whole new world. This vibrator is an erotic object with a sucking and vibrating function at the pistil, which uses aerodynamics and vibration to stimulate the female vulva and clitoris. The rose pistil has a nozzle at the top that he sucks on the clitoris and has multiple modes for vibration, from low to high frequency, accompanied by vibrations during the sucking process to bring you to orgasm. It can be used alone or with a partner. The Rose Vibrator can be used anytime during foreplay and sex, and thanks to its cute shape, it can also be placed on the bed as a decorative piece.

Rose Toys for Sale

omysky red rose virbrator

The rose toy clitoral vibrator is not only a sucking toy, but it’s more of a decorative piece. It’s shaped like a rose and can be placed anywhere as a decorative piece and no one will notice that it’s an adult toy. rose toys with 10 gears is a great gift for womens.

G-spot Vibrating gives the Dual Pleasure, 5 Suction & 10 Vibration Modes, Life waterproof & Magnetic charging, specific size easy to carry, just enjoy yourself. Best gift for your lover, the rose vibrator flowers surprise your lover.

Omysky Lipstick Vibrator

This is a lipstick-looking vibrator that is small in appearance but powerful has 10 different frequencies and is made with safe silicone. You can take it anywhere with you and enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

A delicate life with this adorable 10 modes vibrator, It is light and small, easy to carry with you, the rose style makes it beautiful.

Good concealment two functions, using USB charging waterproof design.

FAQs for Rose Toys

If you want to know how to use the omysky rose toy, please refer to the question” how to use the rose toy”.
If you want to know the instruction for Omysky War Wolf Swordsman Man Sex Toy, you can just click to read the post finding the right answer.

For this most popular rose toy, only need 2.5 hours to charge.

Rose toy charging is very simple, some just need to plug in the USB cable it will be working, just like the Android phones we use, using the micro-USB design, find the socket, plugin and it will be charging. There is a magnetic style charger, just put the base, put the rose toy on the base can be charged.

Different rose toys have different ways of alerting, some have LEDs that stay on while charging, and some have lights that flash while charging.

Most rose toys use USB charging, you just need to plug the USB cable into a computer or rechargeable plug to start charging the rose toy. The output current of a computer or portable charging plug is fixed, which is appropriate for the Rose Toy. If you have an iPhone or Android charging plug, you can also take it with you to charge the Rose Toy.

It may flash when it is charging, or when it is about to run out of power, to remind you to charge.

1. Check if the USB cable is broken.
2. Check whether the line interface is connected tightly
3. If the USB cable is replaceable, try replacing it with a new USB cable to determine if there is a problem with the USB cable.
4. If there is still the rest of Rose Toy, you can also take the charging cable of another Rose Toy to try.
5. whether it has been used underwater, if it has been used underwater, you can ventilate it for a few days and try again.

When the device is fully charged, the light will glow steadily, while when the device is charging, the light will blink. and for some type rose toy is vice versa

Theoretically, we design all the rose toy is waterproof, it is possible to put into the water to use, such as use in the shower, use in the bathtub, it can be, if invaded into the water to use, do not use for a long time. However, for the sake of safety and maintenance of the rose toy, generally do not use it in water, so that the life of the rose toy will be longer.

You can refer the question “Can the Rose Toy Go in Water? “

Please check which part is broken off the rose toy, if the charger and USB cable is not working, you can change it individually, if the main part rose toy is not working, you can not fix it, please contact our support.

If the rose toy can not turn on, please check if the rose toy has power, if no power, please charge it, after 2 hours check it again, if it is still not working, check if the charger is not working, or the USB cable is broken.

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