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Does the use of sex toys ruin relationships?

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that women who use vibrators are at an increased risk of infidelity. The number of women who used sex toys and the number of women who had affairs was similar, but why? Contents My girlfriend uses a sex toy after we are […]

Are men using Sex Toys? Yes, and Here’s Why

Have you heard the buzz about sex toys for men? Yep, there’s a good chance some men are using them. If that makes you clutch your pearls and ask, “Are they whores?” relax. This article will take a look at things like this, why men use sex toys, and much more. Contents When I was […]

OMYSKY Wolf Warrior Review

Alrighty, so for starters you’re buying a product made by a brand that goes by the name of “OMYSKY” and the toy is called the “Wolf Warrior”. It’ll be branded as such when you get it. With that out of the way here’s a nice pro’s and con’s list about the product starting with the […]

Omysky War Wolf Swordsman Man Sex Toy

Omysky War Wolf Swordsman Man Sex Toy Video Tutorials

Two Layer PCB circuit board, stable data without distortion, low power consumption, power-saving, and strong performance. Using an intelligent IC core processor, it can process video and audio faster and use a fiber optic transmission group to transmit the command accurately to a high-speed motor to ensure that the expansion frequency is synchronized with the […]

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