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OMYSKY Wolf Warrior Review

Alrighty, so for starters you’re buying a product made by a brand that goes by the name of “OMYSKY” and the toy is called the “Wolf Warrior”. It’ll be branded as such when you get it.

With that out of the way here’s a nice pro’s and con’s list about the product starting with the con’s:


  • When you turn on and off the toy, it immediately plays a low-quality sound clip of a woman speaking Chinese-I’m sure it’s something sultry to get you in the mood. What they’re saying, I don’t know because the quality of the sound is pretty bad. I know it’s Chinese because I have experience with the language.
  • There’s no way of disabling the start-up and shut-down sound clip and there is no way of turning the volume of the startup/shutdown sounds down.
  • The sound quality of the speaker and audio that comes out of the thing is pretty bad. It’s pretty muffled and I wouldn’t rely on it.
  • Along the lines of sound quality, the feature that pumps the toy to the audio that’s playing is a hit or miss. You need to find a video with extremely good quality audio and have it be loud enough for the sensors to pick up the sound to sync the pumping.
  • The synthetic plastic used for the vagina is very tacky to the touch and will require you to use some sort of lubricate to engage with the toy. Without lube, it’s difficult and very unpleasant trying to penetrate the outer lips.
  • Cleaning the product is a bit of a hassle, the silicon is very tacky and clings onto the outer housing.
  • The suction cup that comes with the toy doesn’t stick to surfaces like wood or painted surfaces very well. It does, however, stick to the tiling and low-friction surfaces such as the shower wall very well.
  • I don’t think this product is waterproof enough to use in the shower, I’m not going to try.
  • The instruction booklet is written in broken English, so if you’re not good at reading between the lines then this might frustrate you a little.
  • The charging cable is a USB to a power plug, which is a non-standard method of charging. The toy only comes with 1 cable so don’t lose it.
  • The usable area could be larger; the audio sound is very obnoxious (can be eliminated by sticking any stereo plug in the headphone port)

Despite all the cons, I’m enjoying the product. It’s a nice way to unwind after a long day and it’s something I look forward to using each time. If you want to keep on reading, the pro’s list is right below this closing paragraph.


  • This thing is SOLID. The build quality is pretty good and looks gorgeous from afar. The black, transparent smoke blue and gold highlights make it look like a luxury adult toy.
  • This masturbator provides excellent hands free operation, allowing the user to feel a true to life stimulation without using their hands. The device is solidly constructed and had a reasonable battery life. The packaging is very nice and professional. The device seems pretty sturdy and long lasting.
  • When you hold the thing, there is weight to it thanks to the motor and piston that sits at the base.
  • Bluetooth pair is pretty good and quick, pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for a sex toy.
  • The six levels of pumping they advertise are very good and are quite powerful.
  • The silicon used for the fake vagina is very comfortable when used with lubricate.
  • The fake vagina is detachable and can be used without the need for outer housing.
  • It comes with a free pair of earbuds.
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